Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the winner is...

I am pleased to announce that the Delta Chapter is the recipient of two of the 2006 Sierra Club National Awards.

The Delta Chapter and Aaron Viles have won the Environmental Alliance Award.

This award honors Club members or entities who have helped further environmental goals through collaboration with other, non-Sierra Club constituencies.

The award was given for the creation and ongoing efforts of the Gumbo Alliance an unlikely alliance between commercial fishermen, recreational fishers and environmental groups. Credit for creating this alliance goes to Aaron Viles, secretary of the Delta Chapter Executive Committee with staff support from Darryl Malik-Wiley.

Barbara Coman is the recipient of the Special Service Award.

The Special Service Award honors a Sierra Club member, committee or group for strong and consistent commitment to conservation or the Club over an extended period of time.

This award is given to Barbara in recognition of the many years and many different roles she has taken at all levels of the Club. Currently she is serving as the Sierra Club Gulf Environmental Restoration Taskforce Chair and as the Chair of the New Orleans Group.

An award ceremony will be held in San Francisco at the Council of Delegates Meeting in September.

A huge round of applause, congratulations to Aaron and Barbara. Thank you to the Darryl and Maura; all of the Delta Chapter members and Gumbo Alliance partners too!

Leslie March
Delta Chapter Chair