Join the Legislative Action Team

The 2012 Legislative Session is fast approaching. With a projected budget deficit of $895 million, we know that this year is going to be tough. But we believe that progress can be made, and bad bills stopped, if we work together. Challenging times are a call for all of us to exercise our civic duties.

You can make a difference by joining our Legislative Action Team. You don’t need to be an expert on the issues, or even follow all the intimate details of the legislative process. And getting doesn’t require an enormous amount of your time. You can decide when and what level of action is right for you. Here’s what’s involved:
  • Being “On Call:” Respond to email or phone Action Alerts, and contact your representative(s) about particular bills throughout the 2012 Louisiana Legislative Session

  • Spreading the Word: Forward Action Alerts to friends and family by sending email, phonebanking, social media, or good old fashioned face-to-face conversation.

  • Becoming a “Capitol Captain:” Influencing decision makers requires face-time. Capitol Captains are active citizen advocates that will learn how to navigate the Capitol building, look up current bills and track the legislative process, attend important House and Senate committee hearings, and schedule meetings with lawmakers to address issues and bills of concern. You can also participate in the Delta Chapter’s Political Committee, helping to choose our endorsements and shape our overall legislative strategy. Attending Chapter Political Committee meetings is encouraged.

  • Building a Movement: In order to succeed at the Capitol in the long run, we need to grow and expand our base of grassroots support. We’ll also need more than the isolated tactics of single issue groups. In an age of super-PACs and quasi-fascist groups like ALEC, we need to fight back with a broad based movement that includes voices from minorities, social justice advocates, unions, business and community leaders, the LGBT community, and more. Movement builders will help build bridges between these different groups, find common ground, and help shape a new legislative agenda that goes beyond fighting to pushing for progress in Louisiana.

If you feel that you can do any of these things, and would like to join our Legislative Action list, please respond by filling out this survey below.