Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our new favorite movie - go see it!

Letter to the editor - sent to The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

I am a resident of East Baton Rouge Parish and someone who is concerned about the well being of others and the environment. Because of this I want to encourage everyone to go to the movies this weekend and see "An Inconvenient Truth," the new documentary about global warming featuring former Vice President Al Gore.

Politics aside, this film contains footage from around the world, illustrating different aspects of the science of climate change. A change that, as residents of the Baton Rouge area, we are directly affected by.

The film showcases the damage inflicted on Louisiana by Hurricane Katrina and uses this disaster as a case study for the kind of damage that climate change could continue to unleash. As Louisianans, we need to do our part to reverse the amount of man-made greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. Let’s start the process by seeing this film.

Jeffrey Dubinsky
Co-Chair – Baton Rouge Group of the Sierra Club

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Sierra Clubber, but my sister and brother-in-law are not. They just saw the movie in Seattle and said it changed their lives. For starters, their parents are looking to replace their Volvo sedan with a new car, and my sis is going to suggest they get a Prius...