Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SaveOurCypress Goes National

This is great! The Club has put their national communications tools to work, helping the SaveOurCypress coalition kick off our effort to get Maul-Mart, Low's, and the Home Despot to stop spreading cypress mulch.

They sent the issue out as the number 2 link in this week's edition of "Currents" which goes out to a ton of Sierrans nation-wide, blogged on it in "Compass" the official web log of the Club, and featured our very own Jeff Dubinsky's fantastic shot of a bald eagle taking off from its nest in a cypress tree on the homepage. (Bald eagles need cypress to thrive here in coastal Louisiana, it's about the only tree strong enough to support their crazy-heavy nests).

A big thanks to the media team for helping draw attention to our little issue! Now, about that nationwide action-alert...

Aaron Viles
Secretary, Legislative Chair

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It'd be funny if his finger wasn't so close to the big red button

The above headline is the tagline from our new favorite site on the Web. It is called "Chimp-O-Matic" and it contains a plethora of quotes from our "Decider-in-Chief" that show what a brilliant public speaker he really is.

Click on this URL to go there:

New "Save our Cypress" Website online

The Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club along with a handful of other groups have joined together to raise awareness to stop the logging of cypress forests to be used for cypress mulch. If cut, most of our coastal forests will not be able to regenerate due to the changes in the ecology. The coalition's new website was designed and maintained by Jeffrey Dubinsky, webmaster extraordinaire for the Baton Rouge Group.

Go to the site at: