Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SaveOurCypress Goes National

This is great! The Club has put their national communications tools to work, helping the SaveOurCypress coalition kick off our effort to get Maul-Mart, Low's, and the Home Despot to stop spreading cypress mulch.

They sent the issue out as the number 2 link in this week's edition of "Currents" which goes out to a ton of Sierrans nation-wide, blogged on it in "Compass" the official web log of the Club, and featured our very own Jeff Dubinsky's fantastic shot of a bald eagle taking off from its nest in a cypress tree on the homepage. (Bald eagles need cypress to thrive here in coastal Louisiana, it's about the only tree strong enough to support their crazy-heavy nests).

A big thanks to the media team for helping draw attention to our little issue! Now, about that nationwide action-alert...

Aaron Viles
Secretary, Legislative Chair

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