Thursday, August 16, 2007

Safe Energy For the Gulf: Hold the Line on Fish-Killing Machines

After a veto from the Governor of Louisiana, threats from the Governor of Alabama, and multiple projects abandoned by the energy industry (remember that big announcement from Shell a few months back?), you would imagine that the message would be clear: We won't allow open-loop liquefied natural gas (LNG) development in the Gulf of Mexico!

Unfortunately, TORP Technologies (a Norwegian energy corporation) must have missed the memo. They are currently seeking a permit to develop the Bienville Offshore Energy Terminal in Gulf waters off Alabama's coast. While the terminal is pretty far out (63 miles) it is smack-dab in some of the most important off-shore habitat for species like red snapper, groupers, amberjack and other popular recreational species. That makes the 127 million gallons of Gulf seawater that they would like to suck up, chill, chlorinate and dump back into the Gulf every day pretty important, as it is teeming with the highest concentration of grouper larvea you can find in the Gulf.

Send a message to the Maritime Administration, the Coast Guard and Gulf Governors that we can't allow this technology in the Gulf. The comment period for Bienville Draft Environmental Impact Statement closes on August 20th, so please take action today:

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