Friday, December 11, 2009

Remembering Jacquian Charles

One of the LA Green Corps guys was murdered last week. Check out his eulogy We remember him from the Green Building Conference. He was one of the good guys and his involvement shows that Green Job training in New Orleans is working and is changing lives for the better. These efforts will continue despite this tragic event. Our sympathy goes out to friends and family of Jacquian.



Shoshannah said...


I came across your blog while researching conservation groups in New Orleans, and thought your readers may be interested in a conservation awards program, Cox Conserves Heroes, which just launched in New Orleans. Created by The Trust for Public Land and Cox Enterprises, the program honors local conservation heroes-and we know New Orleans has many-and is currently accepting nominations through Monday, February 22. You can learn more about the program at

Please forward this message to anyone who might know of candidates within the New Orleans environmental community. Or better yet, nominate someone you know!


Shoshannah Flach
Electronic Marketing Manager
The Trust for Public Land

Anonymous said...

My name is Roneeka,I was VerY close to Jacquian. I was just missing him, and decide to google him just to see hat might come up. I was overwhelm with joy to see something good. The media made him out to be a monster, and that he was far from. Jacquian was a good father, friend, and boyfriend, but the media didnt see that side. Of course everyone isnt perfect but he tried his best.I could go on and on about how special he was, and the good things he did. I, Roneeka,would like to personally say thanks 2 everyone for those good and positive words.His fasmily can smile knowing at least his goodness on this earth wasnt overlooked.